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CASA Bruce Lane

  • March 2023 CASA

    Bruce Lane

Our Mach CASA of the Month is Bruce Lane!

Bruce was sworn in as a CASA in 2018 and has since served on five cases, showcasing an unwavering dedication and tremendous sense of compassion in advocating for the children involved in both Dependency & Neglect and Truancy court settings.

Bruce, coming from a background in the medical field in Chicago and St. Louis regions, quickly found a calling as a CASA for Voices for Children, CASA of Boulder County after moving to the Denver area. He states “The best part of being a CASA volunteer is talking with the kids beyond the superficial and getting to know their hopes, fears, goals and dreams both for the next week and the next decades, and offering advice and counsel.” Bruce’s extraordinary empathy and capacity as a CASA has helped the wonderful kids in his cases navigate an array of life circumstances and experiences - from all-too-relatable teenage heartaches to being a stalwart of support for a youth who found themselves struggling with their sense of self and identify and the ensuing struggle for acceptance by peers and family, to acting as a positive role model and mentor for a juvenile who was at risk for gang involvement.

Bruce is currently putting his staunch advocacy skills to use for a 14-year-old who was removed from his mother’s care due to substance abuse and neglect concerns. Between helping the young man and his family work through IEP strategizing and implementation at his school, assisting with and encouraging a healthy nutritional and exercise regime to improve the chances of making a school sports team, and providing invaluable guidance towards the boy’s life and career aspirations (ranging from farming to pursuing political office), Bruce and his CASA kid enjoy monthly coffee meetings and outings to local attractions such as the Denver Aquarium and Butterfly Pavilion.

We are so grateful all of you’ve done, and continue to do, as a CASA, Bruce!