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Advocating for and supporting our most vulnerable youth

We transform children's lives across Boulder County.

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We believe that all children deserve to have a safe, nurturing environment where they can thrive.


Voices for Children builds a healthier community by delivering services, support, and advocacy to children who have experienced trauma.

Our Story

Our story began in 1977 when Seattle Judge David Soukup noticed a flaw in cases involving children who were abused or neglected. He saw lawyers representing the parents and their best interests and caseworkers representing their agencies’ best interests. Still, no one was solely advocating for the children’s best interests. Judge Soukup quickly realized that the biggest resource for these children was their local community. Volunteers could be trained to be the child’s voice in court. His pilot program garnered national attention and led to the start of the National CASA organization in 1982.

Voices for Children, CASA of Boulder County, has been serving vulnerable youth throughout Boulder County since 1985. Founded as a collaboration between the Boulder Bar Association and Denver Junior League, we are one of the oldest CASA programs in Colorado. It is our goal to ensure that every child in Boulder County has a safe and permanent home where they can thrive.

In 2020, we purchased a building to create a safe, community-centric, and home-like space for our CASA volunteers and the children they serve. The structure offers a place where volunteers and children can read together, create arts and crafts, play outside in the spacious backyard, or cook in the full kitchen. These activities create impactful, trusted, stable relationships that benefit the children we serve.

Financial Transparency

Voices for Children, CASA of Boulder County is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We rely on donations and volunteers to provide best-interest advocacy to children and families in our community.

501(C)3 2022-2023: 990

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"As a CASA, you make a meaningful difference in a child's life - a child that doesn't have many people looking out for them."

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"Every child deserves a safe environment to grow up in, including a roof over their head, nutritious food in the belly, and an opportunity for education. I'm happy to be a part of the process by being a caring adult who can help a child receive those things."

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"There is nothing like the feeling of earning a hug from a child who is generally suspicious of everybody. It's amazing what your calm, regular, and reliable presence can do for a child in need. This is one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities out there!"

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