CASA Ellen Hart

CASA Ellen Hart

  • November 2023 CASA

    Ellen Hart

Our November CASA of the Month is Ellen Hart!

Ellen was sworn in as a CASA in 2018 has advocated on two cases during her time with BVFC. Along with her co-CASA, Ellen served on her first case for two and a half years. She was a consistent and caring adult for the children during that time, and saw them through to a successful adoption. Ellen continues to stay in touch with the family, and as the case wrapped up, Ellen wrote, “There will never come a day when I do not feel connected to these kids. I feel like the luckiest person ever, to have met them through CASA, and to get to love them for the rest of my life.”

On her current case, Ellen advocates for two little girls, and has served on the case since it opened in 2022. Ellen is very involved and supportive of the kinship providers who care for the girls, and frequently checks in to ensure they are thriving in their placement. She recently assisted the family with a move, and throughout the case has embraced the family’s Native American heritage, traditions, and values in her advocacy work. Ellen has persevered through changes in the professional case team, always keeping the best interest of the children at the top of mind.

Ellen is a fierce advocate for the safety, wellbeing, and permanency of the kids she has worked with as a CASA. Ellen says, “The best part of being a CASA volunteer is getting to know the children and their families in a broad context. Cooperating with teachers, neighbors, relatives, and caregivers, and working with social service providers in the best interest of the children is a team effort. Being a CASA gives insight into the web of support and caring that is available to support vulnerable children. Although a child’s family circumstances might be very difficult, the work of a CASA truly makes a difference.”

Ellen, thank you for your dedication to your role as a CASA and for the ways you serve each child you are appointed to. It is a pleasure to walk alongside you in your advocacy and see the ways you have impacted the lives of children and families in our community! Congratulations on being our November CASA of the Month!