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CASA Elora Root

  • June 2024 CASA

    Elora Rood

Our June CASA of the Month is Elora Root!

Elora has been a CASA volunteer with Voices for Children since November of 2022, and is currently serving on a case with two special needs youths. They have been a strong advocate for both of the children on their case and regularly help connect the kids with support and resources. Elora stays regularly connected with the case team and the kids’ providers to ensure that their needs are being met appropriately and they are on track developmentally. Elora even advocated for and secured funding through Voices for Children for an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device for one of the kids on their case, which will help this child communicate with the people in his life.

Elora recalls a fond memory with one of the children, when they played “leapfrog” together as a sensory stimulation game and had a great time laughing together while jumping up and down and being silly. Elora says, “As a CASA, I get the opportunity to be a stable source of support for children in difficult situations. I love being able to show them that they are not alone and that their needs are always important.”

Thank you for all you do for children in our community Elora, and congratulations on being our June CASA of the Month!