Erin Myrent

CASA Erin Myrent

  • July 2022 CASA of the Month
  • Erin Myrent

Our July CASA of the month is Erin Myrent!

Erin was sworn in as a CASA with Boulder Voices for Children in January of 2018! Not long after being sworn in, Erin was appointed to a family with three kiddos ages 6, 8, and 12. Through supporting this family through dance classes, baseball games, and hiking Erin left this case with a successful case closure. After taking a quick 2 month pause, Erin was back in action and assigned to her current case in 2019.

Opening due to the children being potential victims of neglect, Erin has been able to provide a reliable relationship to this family. After being assigned to this case for the last 3 years, the kiddo she is appointed to is now 7 years old. Her support and dedication to this family is something that can’t be put into words in this short excerpt. Not only has she gone through lengths to keep in contact during the pandemic Erin has provided healthy outdoor activities like fishing, tennis, and biking. She has provided emotional support and transportation to the kiddo’s Colorado Heart Gallery photoshoot. Erin has supported him through 3 separate placements, including being separated from his younger sibling. She also keeps a watchful eye on his younger sibling who is placed out of state. While some of these transitions to different foster families has been disruptive, Erin has assured this kiddo that she will continue to visit him regardless of where he lives. She has been able to provide him with a stable adult that continues to show up for him. This is also apparent as Erin and her CASA kid have agreed to pass his toy car back and forth between visits. He recently asked that she put her name on the bottom of the car, which has given him something to hold onto regardless of where he is placed.

Erin’s dedication to this family has weathered 3 years of ups and downs, BVFC cannot be more grateful to have you as not only a CASA, but specifically a CASA for this case. Congratulations Erin for being our July CASA of the month, you absolutely deserve it!