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CASA Jenn Dempsey

  • September 2023 CASA

    Jenn Dempsey

Our September CASA of the Month is Jenn Dempsey!

Jenn completed her CASA training in 2021 and was shortly after appointed to her current case, in which she advocates for two kiddos, ages 5 and 8. The oldest child has been successfully reunified with a parent, while the youngest is in a home hopeful to offer him permanency.

In the time Jenn has served on this case, she has paid detailed attention to all areas that impact the children, including their academics, social life, placements, and developmental well-being. Jenn has attentively made connections with their teachers, school counselors, and family members. Jenn also dedicates her time as a CASA, organizing visits between the family. She previously provided transportation to visits with the parents of the children and consistently ensured the children were having visits with each other.

Early into being appointed to the family, Jenn noticed a potential speech delay in the child, who was three years old at that time. Jenn ensured a speech and language evaluation was followed through upon approval and agreement from family and teachers. She continues to note the tremendous improvement in the kiddo’s language development today!

While visiting the young boy at his preschool in 2021, a few children attempted to take Jenn’s attention away from him, so he said, “No, my Jenn.” This example is only a tiny image of the connection, consistency, and reliability she has provided to these kids over the years.

Jenn represents everything and more of what we can hope for from our CASAs. We are pleased to congratulate her on being our September CASA of the Month. “Thank you” doesn’t quite encapsulate how grateful BVFC is for you and the time you commit to Boulder community!