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CASA Jennie Kopf

  • May 2022 CASA of the Month
  • Jennie Kopf

Our May CASA of the Month is Jennie!

Jennie was initiated as a CASA May of 2020 and has been a CASA on 2 cases during her time with us! Jennie is a problem solver and get it done kind of person, which shows through all her hard work as a CASA. She continues to represent what CASAs stand for through her attention to detail and passion towards these cases and kiddos. Her current case has been open for about a year and a half supporting a 17-year-old girl. During this case, which began as a JD case and transitioned to a D&N case, Jennie has handled a wide variety of situations with grace and tenacity. Through months of consistent and reliable visitations between the two, the CASA kid told Jennie that she considers her to be the role model that she’s never had. Jennie is, at times, the only person her CASA kid will reach out to when she runs away. Jennie has thrown her a baby shower, got her into crafting, journaling, and supported her through countless different placements. We recently found out that the case is closing which was an insecurity for this CASA child, as she was fearful that Jennie would no longer be in her life. Jennie plans to continue her role supporting this young woman, now as a family friend. Recently, she told Jennie that she would be listing her as her permanent contact for applications which was an honor. The impact Jennie has and continues to have on this community is immeasurable. If you run into her, ask about her adorable Westie named Angus! Congratulations Jennie for being our May CASA of the month, thank you for all your hard work!