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CASA Kim North

  • February 2023 CASA

    Kim North

Our February CASA of the Month is Kim North!

Since being sworn-in as a CASA in 2019, Kim has advocated for four children. Two years after her first CASA case closed, a second dependency and neglect case opened for the family and Kim was quick to accept reassignment. As one of the only familiar faces involved, Kim offered that child consistency and comfort in a way nobody else involved in the case was able to. To this day, Kim remains in touch with that family, as well as all her former CASA children. Kim shares, “I receive updates, photos, and videos which warms my heart to see them all doing so well!”

On her current case, Kim advocates for an infant and has been an integral part of monitoring his health and development, as well as advocating for support and resources for his caregiver. Kim’s assigned child loves when she reads his favorite book to him, “Bubble Bubbles”, and feeds him his bottle. As a consistent presence in her CASA child’s life, Kim is able to monitor his physical, emotional, and developmental growth and milestone achievements. She stays in close communication with the case team about his progress and is quick to observe and report any concerns or recommendations.

When asked what drives her to be a CASA, Kim says, “I absolutely love being a CASA. I love being a voice for the child and to help advocate for them when they may not be able to for themselves. It means a lot to be part of the solution!”