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CASA Lindsey Vanderheiden

  • December 2022 CASA of the Month

    Lindsey Vanderheiden

Our December CASA of the month is Lindsey Vanderheiden!

Lindsey has been a CASA volunteer with Boulder Voices for Children since the beginning of 2020 and has served on multiple cases, including truancy and D&N cases.

Lindsey first served on a dependency and neglect case, working with a 13-year-old boy. Lindsey got involved with the family at the very start of the pandemic, and helped support his CASA kid in adjusting to online learning. The case successfully closed about a year after opening.

Lindsey is now serving a 14-year-old boy on a truancy case. He jumped right into the case over the summer, and quickly established a strong, positive rapport with his CASA kid and the family. Truancy cases can be especially tricky, but Lindsey has been quick to identify family needs and regularly checks in with the family and the case team. Lindsey has gone above and beyond in helping this young man stay engaged in school, including driving him to school several times this year to ensure he keeps his attendance up.

Lindsey has also been a crucial support for the family, helping connect them to resources and brainstorming ways that they can be successful and independent. Lindsey is also an integral part of the case team, bringing up concerns he is seeing and making sure that school and court professionals are up to date. The school professionals and the child's Guardian ad Litem have commented recently that if not for Lindsey's significant involvement in this case and his dedication to his CASA kid, this young man would be continuing to struggle in school.

Lindsey's contributions to the kids he's served with BVFC have not gone unnoticed, and it is our pleasure to congratulate him on being our December CASA of the Month! Thank you, Lindsey, for all that you have done for our organization and for children and families in the Boulder County community!