CASA Marge Larsen

CASA Marge Larsen

  • July 2023 CASA

    Marge Larsen

Our July CASA of the Month is Marge Larsen!

Marge has been a CASA with Boulder Voices For Children since January of 2020, though she served as a CASA in another state before moving to Colorado. Marge brings a great sense of passion and excitement to serve our community through her work as a CASA. She is currently serving on her fourth case here at BVFC. This case is soon coming to a close as the two children have successfully reunified with their parents. Throughout the last several months, Marge has been a constant in the lives of the children. She would visit them often, bringing toys and games for them to play together. The kids especially love when Marge brings puppets! The children always look forward to her visits, as does the family. The grandfather of the children, who the children lived with throughout the case, always expressed his thankfulness for Marge and her compassion. He often confided in Marge about the case as their relationship grew. Now that the case is closing, the family members have continued to request that Marge stay part of their lives. She has been an incredible support, advocate, and friend to the many parties in this case, and the work she has done will make a life-long impact.

Marge, thank you for the incredible service you have given to the children and families of Boulder County. You are incredible and we are so lucky to have you! Congratulations!