CASA Margie Robinson

CASA Margie Robinson

  • May 2023 CASA

    Margie Robinson

Our May CASA of the Month is Margie Robinson!

Margie started as a volunteer with Boulder Voices for Children in May of 2020 and was appointed to her first case shortly after this. She is now serving on her second case, and has been the CASA for a teen girl and her two older siblings for over two years. As a volunteer, Margie has shown immense dedication and compassion for vulnerable children who have experienced trauma in Boulder County. Margie was originally appointed on a Truancy case in October of 2020, advocating for the children’s needs and addressing barriers that were keeping them from going to school consistently. When the case transferred to Dependency and Neglect jurisdiction, Margie readily agreed to stay on board as the CASA. Over the years, Margie has developed a strong relationship with the kiddos and their family members. As the older siblings aged out of the child welfare system, Margie has stayed on as a consistent support for the teen girl. She helped enroll the child in equine therapy, and transported her to and from the facility numerous times. When Margie was out of town, she coordinated with other family members to ensure the child could still access this important service. Margie strives to attend every court hearing with the child and has been a safe place for her to decompress after court proceedings or tough meetings with professionals. Additionally, Margie has been an important source of information for various case professionals, given that she has such a close and consistent relationship with the child and family. Currently, Margie is hard at work supporting the child’s transition to a new placement. Margie swiftly made contact with her there and has been a source of consistency throughout this period of change. Margie is also exploring some volunteer opportunities for the child to get involved with over the summer, and continues to be a support for the older siblings.

Margie, congratulations on being our May CASA of the Month! Your dedication to advocating for vulnerable children in Boulder County has been much appreciated, and we are so thankful for all that you do.