Robin Davidson

CASA Robin Davidson

  • September 2022 CASA of the Month

    Robin Davidson

Our September 2022 CASA of the Month is Robin Davidson!

Robin came to Boulder Voices for Children in November 2021 and has been eager to use her advocacy skills in a positive way ever since! She holds a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as a heart to help wherever and however she can. She didn’t give up hope when she was assigned to a few cases that ended up not needing a CASA at the time, and stayed persistent until the right case came along. Robin accepted her first official case with a 3 year old little girl who was removed from her parent’s care a second time due to substance use and supervision concerns. Since the beginning of the case, Robin has gone above and beyond in reaching out to the case team to gather all of the important information, as well as forming valuable relationships with the child’s kinship provider and Mother. This mother has felt safe with Robin to share important barriers to her substance use concerns that she otherwise would have not shared with other members of the case team. This allowed for Robin to provide important advocacy not only to her CASA kid, but the whole family as well. Robin has built a strong bond with the child’s kinship provider and has been a valuable support for helping transport her child to visits with her Mother, and also building a sweet relationship with her CASA kid in the process. From talking with daycare providers, visitation monitors, the caseworker, GAL, and family members, Robin makes sure nothing slips through the cracks in terms of the best interests for this child. She is not afraid to put up boundaries where needed, and also serves as a support for the whole family while putting this child first. From getting pedicures, playing at parks, and attending her CASA kids’ birthday party with a petting zoo and all, Robin has ensured this child still has the space to be a child amidst everything else that is occurring in her life. This CASA is always eager to learn more, get involved in more ways, and be the best advocate she can be.

Robin, your dedication to this case and our organization as a whole has not gone unnoticed, congratulations on being our September CASA of the Month! We appreciate all that you do!