Ellen Hart & Nora Petty

CASA's Ellen Hart & Nora Petty

  • August 2022 CASAs of the Month
  • Ellen Hart & Nora Petty

Our August CASA's of the month are Ellen Hart and Nora Petty!

Ellen and Nora have been with Boulder Voices for Children since 2018 and 2022 respectively. Ellen has served extensively for over 3 years on 1 other case that ended last year with the children being adopted, which Ellen notes as being “in the running for the happiest day ever.” She was eager to hop back in as soon as she could to help support another family. Nora comes to BVFC in 2022 with a wealth of knowledge and background to bring as a CASA.

These two were recently assigned as Co-CASAs to a case involving two young girls under 3 that have come with a variety of complex needs/considerations. They have hit the ground running since the minute they were accepted to this case. They have spent time learning about the familial cultural background and tribal practices that are important aspects to consider in the case. They’ve approached the family as learners; eager to grow in their understanding of cultural upbringing and important rituals surrounding family and life in general. Nora and Ellen recognized a need and were able to pick out age appropriate toys at BVFC to bring to the girls as the kinship provider was in need of toys for young children. They’ve been a tremendous support helping research daycare options and other supports, advocating for speech and language assessments that were considered by the court after the CASA’s request, and being consistent in their communication with the case team even when it has been challenging at times. They have maintained a supportive relationship with the kinship providers and shown their reliability as someone who is looking out for the girls’ best interests. These CASAs have demonstrated their dedication to these girls and their family no matter what situation arises.

Congrats on being August CASAs of the Month! We look forward to seeing your impact not only on this family but on our organization as well. Thank you!