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Linda Carlson

  • July 2024 CASA

    Linda Carlson

Our July CASA of the Month is Linda Carlson!

Linda was sworn in as a CASA in 2023 and was quick to be appointed to her first case, which she is still serving on and supporting.

Linda comes from a professional background in education and nutrition, has a far-reaching, wide-ranging history of volunteerism and bettering her community. We are so grateful she has chosen to dedicate her extraordinary skillset towards becoming a CASA and has spent her time helping families and their children navigate life's unpredictable highs and lows.

Linda’s current case opened due to concerns of substance use by the respondent parents and the consequent impacts on their child. Linda quickly jumped in, recognizing how imperative her presence and assistance would be in helping the family navigate the challenges and obstacles intertwined with one’s road to recovery and sobriety, all in conjunction with raising a child. In so doing, she has forged a remarkable bond with her CASA kiddo and has gone above and beyond to help provide for them and ensure they stay on track developmentally. She has demonstrated an astounding sense of compassion and fortitude - assisting the family with groceries, aiding with visits to the doctor, accompanying them to court hearings and so much more!

Linda reports that the best part of being a CASA is being a part of her CASA child’s life and being able to watch them grow. Her experience as a CASA has been a revelation in opening her eyes to not only the struggles of families involved in Dependency & Neglect cases but also to the incredible resilience displayed by such individuals as they navigate the system. She also credits the resources and tools offered by the case team and other professionals in advocating for sustainable success and healthy outcomes for families and children involved in these cases.

We are so grateful all of you’ve done, and continue to do, as a CASA, Linda!